RLE Converter

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The Run Length Encoded Bitmap, or RLE for short, is a 4 or 8-bit image, which is a common and familiar  DIB file, that uses the (Run length encoding) compression.  The Device Independent Bitmap File is very  easy to find in early versions of CompuServe software and Windows. The run length encoding image format is commonly used and mostly familiar among the Utah Raster Toolkit. This is a collection of programs and C routines that are used for managing the raster images for the RLE files. Raster images are the images you see on your computer screen, which are made up of pixels, also known as bitmaps. The programs that this file can open are: Abode InDesign, Corel PaintShop Pro, Newera Graphic Converter Pro, GIMP, Abode Illustrator, Abode Photoshop Elements, Abode Photoshop, Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer, Microsoft Photos and File Viewer Plus- Get it from Microsoft.