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How to convert to PIX file?

1. Click "Choose Files" button and select your files you would like converted.

2. Click on the “Convert PIX” button to start the conversion.

3. When the status change to “Done” click the “Download PIX” button


Pix is a multifunctional image viewer, editor and organizer that provides advanced features such as file conversions, slideshows and image annotations. Supported formats include BMP, GIF, JPEG PNG TIFF TGA ICO RAW HDR images. EXIF information attached to images can also be viewed and edited by Pix.

The PIX image format is similar to BMP in that it stores individual pixel data for every color in an image, but is stored separately from other types of raster formats; this allows images stored as PIX to be compressed much more effectively than other types of raster image formats can. Furthermore, its device-independence means it can be read by almost every graphics adapter available today.

PIX files contain up to 16 bits per pixel, providing more detail than JPEGs (which only offer 8 bits per pixel). There are two methods of saving a PIX image file: band-interleaved or tiled storage formats - band-interleaved stores image channel data in external files while tiled stores the image in multiple square tiles which allow faster access since only necessary areas need be loaded into memory at any one time.


Converting to PIX

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Upload a file, click "Convert", and use additional options to quickly modify its contents before downloading the final PIX file after processing has completed.

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