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Uncompressed raster images (in the PGX format) are employed by the rumored JPEG 2000 Authentication Model to ensure that JPEG 2000 files are compliant. Since a PGX file only holds a single part, a PGX file can only hold a grayscale image unless numerous PGX files are merged. Microsoft Visual Studio is the most widely used program that is capable of opening PGX files. Microsoft Visual Studio was developed by Microsoft Corporation. The creator's website is the best place to go for in-depth details on the program and PGX files. The Hopedot VOS file is a thin virtualized client used to operate Windows programs from a USB device; it stores all apps and files on a partition of the external drive and secures them so that they cannot be retrieved without the correct login details. To install Hopedot VOS, you must first select a removable device on which to save your Windows data and programs. Please be aware that Hopedot VOS is no longer being developed.

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