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    PFM (Pixel Format Metafile) is an image format designed for HDR images that uses either per-pixel RGB structures or instructions for representing grayscale tones. PFM was first developed by Jef Poskanzer during the mid 1980s, released along with his Netpbm (Netpixel Bitmap Manager) toolkit and PFM files begin with two byte magic numbers specifying whether they contain PBM, PGM, or PPM images (plain ASCII or binary formats).

    The file then contains an identifier line which specifies the image size in terms of x and y dimensions, followed by a sequence of sample values for every pixel in the image, each from 0-1; black = 0, white = 1. Sample values are packed without delimiters into 8 bytes for PBM files or 4 bytes for PGM or PPM files.

    The pbrt image processing engine utilizes the pfm file format due to its simplicity and support for floating-point pixel values, making program development of image data manipulation applications extremely straightforward. As well as supporting pfm files as inputs for physically based rendering, pbrt also accepts OpenEXR and TGA files with its ReadImage() function accepting both filename and pointer identifying the appropriate image resolution as inputs for physical rendering.

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