ORF Converter

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ORF stands for Olympus RAW Format. This is a raw, unprocessed image file taken by an Olympus digital camera. Since these files aren't compressed or processed in any way, the image data captures everything that the camera's sensor does. When viewed, ORF files can provide you with detailed information about an image, including information on the image's saturation and contrast levels, color temperature, and even the camera that took the image. You can see this information by opening an ORF image file using Olympus camera software or any third-party software that offers support for this file type. Some of the third-party programs that can open ORF files include Adobe Photoshop, Corel AfterShot Pro, and Apple Photos. Usually, ORF files are compressed and converted into another file type that's smaller and easier to manage, such as a JPG or a PNG.