NEF Converter

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Nikon Electronic Format files are taken by Nikon cameras and data is captured and turned into raw file formats. The raw files include information picked up by the lens, setting, and camera. The data stored is close to a captured picture, including lighting, intensity, and colors. The raw files are classified as images that can’t be processed, printed, or edited by external programs such as Photoshop.Data is stored as a NEF file on the camera’s memory card. Stored files are formatted uncompressed and lossless, meaning no data is altered or lost while being stored. Instead, the NEF file will retain all 12-bit and 14-bit data and metadata for the thumbnail and JPEG versions. Altered NEF files will not change the raw file’s data and store more than JPEG and TIFF files. Settings such as white balance, hue, tone, and sharpness will not affect the NEF file or raw data. The benefit of NEF files is that they can be edited and saved as a new NEF file, JPEG, or TIFF.