MEF Converter

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MEF file is used to capture a raw image. When you snap a picture it goes through a digital process, in which the image is stored on the camera in a special format. The format referred to as CCD is another name for Charged Coupled Device. Although it is used in cameras and videos, it is popular in making videos and video games. The CCD captures both still and moving images. If a memory card is used, the images can be transferred to a computer for editing, and/or revising, and publishing. Devices using this file extension can capture great pictures even where light is in low visibility. The types of programs that the MEF file is compatible with are listed below. Picmeta Systems Picture Information Extractor, Abode Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Photos, Corel PaintShop Pro, CD Systems ACDSee Photo Studios, File Viewer Plus, Canvas GFX Canvas X Pro and Adobe DNG Converter.