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    MATLAB stores images as intensity arrays with each element representing the intensity level of a pixel in an image. There are two image formats supported in MATLAB: (1) an indexed image and (2) an unindexed or grayscale image. Indexed images represent values from an uncompressed RGB color map which contains data when decomposed into red, green and blue components; however it's generally easier to work with intensity or grayscale images for most applications.

    Grayscale images can be described as an intensity matrix of size mxn where each row and column represents the intensity level of an individual pixel, which may either be zero or one (black is zero and white one). A grayscale image stored as an intensity array with class double or uint8 in MATLAB can then be displayed via its built-in color map that maps indexes to various shades of gray or binary color maps.

    Unindexed images lack color maps, instead using indexes as relative pixel amplitude measurements. While working with unindexed images is possible - and often necessary - unindexed images typically originate from imaging devices, such as CCD cameras that assign numbers based on how much light hits each pixel in an image.

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