KDC Converter

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KDC extension denotes a raw image file created by a Kodak digital camera. Bitmap picture information is stored in this file, which is also associated with the Kodak Photogen format. The KDC employs little processing on its captured images. Photos taken with a Kodak digital camera you can see directly on the camera or with specialized software. Unfortunately, earlier versions of Photoshop might not be able to open KDC files captured with more recent Kodak cameras. Files including the KDC extension have little compressed data, similar to other camera RAW formats. Images also incorporate sensor data, like lighting as well as white balance, that was captured by the scanner or digital camera. KDC files focus on the TIFF image format, just like Nikon's NEF files are. Here is a short, but by no means complete, list of software that can read KDC files: Microsoft Windows Photos, Google Picasa, Kodak Picture Transfer and Adobe Photoshop CC.