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Regarding files with the suffix K25, they are Kodak image files saved in the Kodak Image format standard. The file format is widely used across different platforms, including MS Windows, among many others. Specifically, MS Windows Photo can open these files; oftentimes, it is the program of choice for many people looking to use these files. However, several other options are available. While you can transfer K25 files to various devices, it may not always be possible to use them optimally on specific devices. If you are having problems opening this file format, we have listed below several programs you can use. It is essential to check that you are using the latest software versions as this may cause issues. You can either update the software or reinstall it if the problems persist. MS Windows: Applications such as Windows Photos, Corel AfterShot Pro, DC25Convert, MacOS: Corel AfterShot Pro, Linux OS: Corel AfterShot Pro.