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JPG is a file format that is used to compress images and photos to lessen the downloading and uploading time to save bandwidth. JPG uses lossy compression techniques for digital photos, notably those created by digital photography. The level of compression is adjustable, providing a choice between storage space and pixel density. It is usually a standard format for digital cameras and is best suited for photographs and photorealistic paintings, rather than line drawings or graphics with rough edges or coloration. Text is not supported by this format and is improperly converted into JPG images. JPG photos are divided into two major categories: JPG/JFIF which is mostly used for online storage and sharing of the images and JPG/Exif which is widely used in digital cameras. It is common for JPG photos to be lossy compressed at an aspect ratio of 10:1, which has a minimal impact on quality. For optimum picture quality and minimized artefacts, compression ratios of 20:1 or less are recommended. Compression ratios of 100:1 are also achievable but dramatically degrade the picture quality.

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