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    JBIG is a lossless compressed image format for black-and-white (1 bit per pixel) raster graphics with a high compression ratio that's ideal for scanning document pages. Although JBIG can be stored independently, it is more commonly stored within another file format like TIFF or PDF; JBIG also can be encoded progressively, providing one bitstream that contains multiple planes of different resolutions.

    LEAD's JBIG support encompasses all the functional blocks defined by this robust standard, such as progressive coding which is particularly useful when serving images at differing resolutions to displays and packet networks with different packet priority classes. JBIG images can thus be compressed without loss in quality to lower resolutions without incurring extra storage overhead, and even be encoded entirely to higher resolution representation without incurring extra overhead costs.

    JBIG implements an algorithm similar to G3 and G4 facsimile coding standards, in which one pixel in an image can be represented by a set of template pixels that outline its location. These templates are then used to describe its counterpart pixels within an image before compression using simple arithmetic coding processes. As a result, JBIG offers highly efficient lossless compression system with state-of-the-art performance for bi-level images while being superior than generic TIFFs on scanned documents (especially dithered images due to scanning distortions).

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