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IIQ Image Format files fall under the Data Files file type category and can be opened on Windows, Linux and Mac systems platforms. Used by Capture One software as well as various digital cameras from Phase One of Denmark (known for high-end camera equipment). Like other RAW image formats they can be edited using Capture One or other programs capable of reading RAW images.

Structure-wise, IQ files are similar to TIFF files in that they use MakerNote tags to define image content. As such, readers that support TIFF may be able to correctly interpret an IQ file; however they will likely only show uncompressed TIFF image. An IIQ file also contains full 16 bit images but contains lossy compression format that the Phase One website describes as not 100% lossless.

As with most RAW image formats, IQ files can be processed into high dynamic range (HDR) images using only one exposure - making this an easier and quicker option than using multi-exposure HDI to capture three separate photos, one underexposed, one normal-exposed, and one overexposed before layering them together for processing.

Issues with IIQ files may arise for various reasons, the most prevalent one being that the program in which the IIQ file was created does not support that file type; to resolve this, find another program which supports it or contact an antivirus vendor as they could also block any attempts at opening.


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