IIQ Converter

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An IIQ file is an extension of RAW images that compresses and stores unprocessed pictures using the Intelligent Image Quality format. These files are proprietary to the company Capture One and are supported by various photo-editing software and Phase One high-resolution cameras. Unlike other images, IIQ files are minimally compressed, with the data captured by the camera through CMOS sensor. The RAW file can be compressed as an alternative Lossy (IIQ S (Smart)) image or an IIQ L image to bring out the image’s full potential. Lossless IIQ images capture images as 16-bit or 14-bit signals, with the former providing the highest possible image quality while the former produces images in smaller sizes. Phase One digital cameras capturing images in IIQ format include the iXM-RS, IQ4, iXU series and the iXU-RS. These, however, need to be tethered to Capture One. Opening the images will require you to have suitable software, with Capture One and Photoshop by Adobe being ideal for this.