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    Storing images and multimedia files together was challenging until the HEIC file format was developed. High-efficiency image containers are a type of file that are being utilized more due to the capabilities these file types have. HEIC files can store individual digital images as well as image sequences. They are multimedia files that can also include multimedia streams like timed text, video, and audio. HEIC files can also store images encoded with different encoding formats based on the HEVC file format, the default video, and the image encoding format used in a HEIC file. Also referred to as HEIF or high-efficiency image file, this type of file requires much less space than the more well-known JPEG files and comes with 16-bit color as opposed the the 8-bit color of a JPEG. The HEIC format was made the default format for apple beginning in 2017 and serves well for applications such as Apple's live photo feature.

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