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    A high dynamic range (HDR) is a characteristic of many real world scenes which causes areas in the image to vary widely in brightness, with some parts overexposed while others underexposed. Photographers usually address this by taking multiple photos at various exposure settings of one scene before merging them together into one image - HDR imaging allows the capture and display of an array of tones within real world scenes, including shadowed details as well as bright highlights.

    Radiance RGBE (.hdr) and OpenEXR (.exr) formats are among the most frequently used HDR file types, though others exist as well. Unlike most image file formats that store floating point values, HDR files rely on linear values encoded with more bits to represent than maximum range pixel brightness range - these extra bits help prevent visible quantization artifacts.

    An important characteristic of HDR images is their scene-referenced representation, meaning the image is represented using an equivalence matrix which converts sensor values to standard XYZ color space and tone mapping systems for image reproduction systems, providing the most naturalistic rendition possible of its contents.

    Tone mapping involves decomposing the HDR image into frameworks of consistent illumination, and then calculating net lightness for each one. Once this process has completed, these frameworks are combined proportionally based on their strength resulting in one single image that showcases all tones present in real world scenes; typically this dynamic range exceeds 100,000:1.

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