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Due to its ability to move images, Graphics Interface Format (GIF) is the most used image file type on the internet. Images in GIF files can have up to 8 bits per pixel. This enables 256 colors within the RGB color space of 24-bits per pixel. In many cases, GIF images are not animated; rather, they are used for graphics with clear lines and borders, and a clear backdrop. GIF files can be decreased in size without sacrificing quality thanks to lossless compression. Using this method, the file gets converted to a different format with no sacrifice to the original quality. The GIF was developed by Compuserve specifically for internet usage and is publicly available as a result. You can compress a GIF image using Lempel Zev Welch (LZW), which removes wasteful parts of data to improve the image's quality and provide a better quality image. Compression of the raster data ensures that the files are as little as possible. Black and white are the only colors required for a GIF image. It is easier to compress a file when there are fewer colors. Here's a list of programs you can use to access GIF files. However, it's not comprehensive: Corel Paint Shop Pro, Apple Preview, Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer and Adobe Photoshop.

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