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    EXR (also called OpenEXR) image format is a high dynamic-range (HDR) raster image file format designed for professional computer graphics applications, making it a go-to standard in visual effects and animation studios due to its compositing features as well as accurate HDR scene-linear data representation and multiple points of view representation.

    EXR files differ from other formats in that each pixel is represented by a signed floating-point number, giving EXR images an extreme level of precision and allowing for the display of an even wider range of colors than is possible with other formats. In addition, this format supports both lossy and lossless compression methods.

    EXR files boast low file sizes even when used uncompressed due to its floating point precision, which allows it to store much more accurate images than other formats. Unfortunately, though, EXR takes longer for processing as each pixel must be computed and encoded separately.

    Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and SpeedGrade all support EXR format images; MacPhun ColorStrokes and Serif PhotoPlus may be able to open it too; they may need the fnord ProEXR plugin though. To convert EXR files to JPGs quickly and without additional installs you can use ConvertFree's web app which works on Windows 11 browsers without additional requirements for conversion - click below for access and select up to five files at a time for conversion!

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