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    DDS (Direct Draw Surface) is a Microsoft raster file format developed specifically to store uncompressed and compressed raster textures, cubic environment maps data, as well as images. Typically used by video games and other graphics intensive applications to save images quickly - no software needs to decompress it on-the-fly, thus offering fast rendering speeds when applied within apps that utilize DDS files.

    The DDS file format also offers various levels of compression depending on the needs of its end user, for instance a single layer DDS file can be compressed using S3TC algorithm and reduced in size by up to 50% while maintaining all its original texture data. More complex textures may need to be stored as raw DDS files which will be decompressed by GPUs on-device in order to give optimal performance.

    Lumion 6.5 and later support the DDS BC7 compression format which can significantly decrease file sizes by up to 25% while maintaining very high quality. However, as it's lossy compression mode it will lose some details and color information from original textures compared to DDS or non-lossy formats for final use. If editing an original PNG image prior to saving as DDS for final use.

    To open DDS files, there are various tools available such as GIMP image editor and NVIDIA Texture Tools as well as ConvertFree DDS to PNG website - these provide quick and simple conversion of DDS files into various popular formats including PNG, JPG and TIFF files.

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