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Raster images used for the storing of bitmap digital photos are stored in BMP (bitmap image file, device-independent bitmap file format, bitmap) files. When it came to Windows and OS/2, this file format was standard fare. From the concept of a map of bits, comes the name bitmap. BMP photos are either uncompressed or encoded in a lossless manner (like through RAR or  ZIP). Images saved in a BMP setup can be cumbersome to share or download because their file is huge, making JPG the mode of choice nowadays. BMP files are various 2D image sizes, hues, plus color depths having no alpha channels, color profiles, or data compression. A device-independent bitmap (DIB) image, BMP images use the image data itself to specify the colors, rather than the systems. A few BMP images differ on varied machines because of this. Computer monitors and televisions, for example, can both display BMP images. These images are common because there are no patents on them. Listed below is a partial, but not comprehensive, list of applications that can unlock BMP files: Paintbrush, Microsoft Photo Editor, MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop.

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