3FR Converter

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A 3FR file is a type of file format that is used for digital media. Specifically, its file format is common with images captured using Hasselblad type of cameras. This file format was first released in 2006 when the company introduced its H2D camera model into the market. At the initial release, these cameras would compress these files without any effect on the quality of the photo. However, new formats have been improved; today, the 3FL files are not compressed during storage. 3FR files are commonly found among professional photographers, especially those who use the Hasselblad type of cameras. Photographers love these types of images because they are not compressed, which makes them easier to edit. One potential downside to these files, however, is their size. Because no compression is done, 3FR files can be pretty large. For this reason, people who commonly handle them require extra storage. These files can be opened using Microsoft Photos, Apple Photos, and Apple Preview software.