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    Files containing Type 1 font glyph information stored in pure PostScript can be seen here as PFA font files, specifically their character outlines. This data can be implemented into systems either by copying it into PS files that define fonts for the PostScript interpreter, or it can be utilized through Font Editors such as FontForge; generally this format is prevalent among Linux and UNIX-like platforms.

    Adobe and other font vendors hide their PFA files, so as to not be accused of piracy; also so users don't download their outlines without paying a license fee (this restriction was lifted with PostScript level two). But if you're searching for free NextSTEP fonts, PFA viewer programs like that offered by URW Software provide a good indicator of their appearance.

    However, pfa files only contain outline data; not actual bitmap representation of font characters. That information must be generated either through another program which calls other small programs to compute common components of character shapes or through an engine that provides that functionality directly. Adobe provides a free program on PCs for this task, while similar products exist for Mac OS X users. However, for fonts not produced by Adobe themselves you'll have to look elsewhere; NEXTSTEP demands AFM (Adobe Font Metric) files and fonts in an AFM form compatible with PostScript processors; Trilithon Software offers tools for converting fonts from either Mac or PC formats into something that will load properly within its applications - complete with additional ancillary information and downloaders for compatibility purposes.


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