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    CID Font Format (or Character Identifier Font) is a font structure designed to meet the needs of writing systems with multiple glyphs. Originally employed in PostScript font formats (and later OpenType/CFF), this structure has since been modified to meet pictographic East Asian font needs, which contain thousands of characters.

    CID-keyed font architecture makes it possible to create one font which can be used across many writing systems, thanks to an external file which defines a mapping between character codes and font glyphs; this mapping may rearrange their natural sequence or only retrieve part of its initial set of glyphs.

    Ghostscript provides two sample CMap files in its distribution, FAPIfontmap and FCOfontmap-PCLPS2, that may be customized by users.

    CID-keyed fonts organize their glyphs into "character collections", each numbered according to how many they contain; then each individual glyph in that collection has an identifiable number assigned specifically for it - this gives the font its unique naming system and allows users to refer directly to individual glyphs by number.

    CID-keyed OpenType/CFF and TrueType fonts with CID keys may feature some glyphs built with different hinting parameters, especially fonts designed to represent East Asian writing systems where one glyph may represent several characters at once. Such fonts could benefit from multiple FDArray elements that specify distinct hinting parameters for each script.


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