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CFF is a Compact Font Format that refers to a compaction of the type 1 Postscript format that uses type 2 charstrings. This format relies on operators with various default values and a series of arguments to enable it to store multiple fonts in a unit called a FontSet for less storage space. Additionally, it employs shared subroutines within a predefined FontSet and an efficient allotment of encoding values to help it achieve its function. The Postscript type 1 font, otherwise known as Open Type CFF use a glyph index to access glyph outlines and hints in a CFF table. The glyph data utilizes a charstrings index of the CFF table. CFF fonts can be used in a pdf file, often the primary approach for representing type 1 fonts. These fonts can be opened and converted into various formats using various APIs. Data in the CFF format is organized in predefined and separate data structures with the ordering open to changes.