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An AFM file refers to Adobe Font Metrics and is a file that contains the font outline data for global metrics such as the letter spacing and kerning for the composite font program. The metadata of the raw disk image will be saved in Advanced Forensic Format (AFF) as XML-encoded information. This allows for a system audit trial or a chain of evidence to be available when required. The digital forensic metadata is embedded in an AFF disk image. The AFM file will often reference the AFF file in instances when the data is stored separately. Type 1 postscript fonts can be found in different AFM file that stores metrics and master designs for Adobe design applications. Since AFM is the standard font file format used in adobe software, opening an AFM file requires using suitable software such as Creative Cloud by Adobe and DESQview. Conversion of AFM files to formats such as DOCX, PDF and JPG is made possible with specialized file converters.