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    eBook files containing an SNB extension were specifically developed for use with Shanda Bambook reading devices, first released in China and now also widely available in the US by Nut Shell Electronics under Shanda Corporation umbrella. Although SNB files are specifically tailored to these reading devices, some other eBook readers are capable of viewing them due to similarities with EPUB format. To open SNB files on any device, the appropriate software must first be installed. Otherwise, an error may appear with "Windows cannot open this file", as well as alerts on Mac/iPhone/Android systems. To open SNB files on Samsung devices you may use either their free Samsung Notes app or use third-party programs such as Calibre to do the job. If you are having difficulty opening an SNB file, this could be for various reasons. Malware infection could prevent access; or incorrect links in the Registry could prevent opening them; hardware/software incompatibilities or outdated drivers might also play a part.

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