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LRF files are XML files that can be edited. This type is a Sony proprietary file that is now obsolete. It is a file extension. The LRF file type as well as the LRS and LRX are used to make up the Broadband eBook. There is very little information on the LRF file family. Only Sony products can open an LRF file. Sony  eReade use LRF file extensions for their texts and documents. Three files, the LRF, LRX AND LRS, make up the Broadband eBook. It is now obsolete. Sony now uses EPUB for its eBooks. This format is more flexible, allowing it to be used with most eReaders on the market..This makes eBooks more versatile and promotes more sales. Sony readers can always open an LRF document. So LRF to EPUB is what is happening now.EPUB has made everything more palatable as far as eBooks go  for now.

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