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LIT (Literature) files were first released in 2000 and may be read on Microsoft Reader and Windows Mobile devices. Electronic publications, such as eBooks, can be read with Microsoft Reader, a free download for Windows computers. LIT extends the help format for Microsoft Compressed HTML, which features digital rights management (DRM). LIT files are used by a smattering of independent online book retailers. The absence of device compatibility hampered the widespread adoption of the file type. By the year-end of 2011, support for the format had been withdrawn. Until different formats hit the mainstream or were cross-compatible, the LIT file and Microsoft Reader were useful tools for reading e-books. ClearType is used in Microsoft Reader (to make small device reading more comfortable). Besides being able to search for information, users may also annotate and highlight text. PC devices with text-to-speech plugins make it possible to listen to books rather than read them. The Nook, iBook, and Windows Kindle are unable to read LIT files, unlike Pocket PCs and some Windows phones. Windows Vista and 95 work well with LIT files. Pocket PCs between 2000 and 2002, as well as Windows Mobile, can run LIT files in addition to the operating systems listed above. You can use Microsoft Reader to open LIT documents.