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FB2 Files are created through an open source file format. The files are permitted under Digital Rights Management. DRM allows users to reproduce and resend files without any restrictions. The origin of FB2 Files is traced back to Russia. Users primarily used the files to convert books into different formats. The lack of restrictions means that users can save multiple types of content as FB2 Files. FB2 Files contain a singular XML File and are normally processed into Zip files to stay compatible with different programs. FB2 Files appeal to different users because they are able to save different verses, quotations, and epigraphs. When users open FB2 files, they can find important information concerning the book’s title and author. FB2 files are compatible with Apple, Cool Viewer, and Calibre. FB2 Files also support Unicode. The files are reader friendly, as the subsections and paragraphs are structured tightly. Larger images are located near the bottom of the file so the user can process most of the information at the start of the document.

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