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To supersede the earlier AZW Kindle eBook files, Amazon developed the AZW3 layout (popularly known as KF8). With the AZW3 extension, CSS3 and HTML5, among other markup languages, can be used in AZW files. Additionally, the new AZW files have more formatting possibilities than the old ones. As a result, if you buy a recent eBook from Amazon, it will only be available in AZW3 format. AZW3 files are assembled EPUB files that use the database of a Palm database and the security of Amazon's DRM. Although EPUB 3 is the preferred version, older EPUB files can still be used. It's common to see an older MOBI file sitting on top of an AZW3 file, and a newer EPUB (KF8) file at the bottom. Both the Kindle Fire and the fourth-generation Kindle (version 4.1.0) are compatible with it. AZW3 files may be opened with the following applications: The PC version of Amazon's Kindle for PC, MAC version of Amazon Kindle.

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