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    An XPS file provides instructions on how to print paged documents using the XML Paper Specification, one of many static PDLs (page description languages) used to describe document layout and content. Designed as an output format for print services, XPS was meant to deliver high-fidelity final documents suitable for printing and archiving, unlike PDF which serves primarily as intermediate data delivery for prepress or MIS workflows. A XPS file takes the form of a ZIP-compressed package containing images and XML-based files which refer back to them, providing content and hierarchy structure of parts within it. Furthermore, descriptive metadata are included as part of its XML structure; six elements from Dublin Core Metadata Initiative set and two more from supplementary dcterms vocabulary have been chosen to compose its contents. Since XPS is intended for printing of pages with fixed layout, it does not provide mechanisms to adjust visual elements or reflow text content, unlike what can be found in markup-based word processing formats (DOCX, OOXML or JATS) or publications (EPUB). Although XPS was fully integrated into Windows OS, it never saw much use by most users. PDFs tend to be preferred over XPS files for ease of use; however, in certain circumstances you may require dealing with them instead. To view them properly you will need the Microsoft XPS Viewer installed; an installer can be found under 'manage optional features' on their website or by uploading an XPS to Google Drive, where it will open directly in your browser.

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