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WPS files have similar features to DOC files. WPS files are developed using the Microsoft Works Word Processor. WPS files are commonly used to develop spreadsheets, take notes, analyze data, or look over documents to adjust the formatting. While WPS files are compatible with some Microsoft Word programs, current software uses the DOC format. Microsoft Works has been cut by the company even though the format is popular with a lot of companies. WPS files are unique because they contain special images, text, and clip art through the Microsoft Works software. The libwps feature allows users to make changes inside WPS documents. WPS files are compatible with NeoOffice, Microsoft Word, Word Processor, and Oxygen Office. Microsoft Office 2010 also allows users to convert spreadsheets and documents into WPS files. Microsoft Office offers a system pack that allows users to convert different documents into the WPS format. In the last few years, Microsoft has altered their software to make WPS files compatible with word processing programs.