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    Rich Text Format (RTF) is a Microsoft-developed document file format which supports formatting information that would otherwise not fit within standard text files. RTF documents can be opened and edited with various word processing programs, desktop database applications, email clients and operating systems; similar to DOC but with additional font and image storage capacities and less computer code to run virus infections than its DOC counterparts. RTF files are comprised of control words and their associated parameters. A control word consists of two nonalphabetic characters separated by backslashes or noncharacters if part of an escape sequence. An escape sequence typically involves either typewriter apostrophes, two hexadecimal digits after . , or starting with RTF 1.5 two hexadecimal digits after '.' as its starting points. An RTF file is structured around groups of control words or symbols enclosed by braces ( ). A group specifies the text affected by it and its attributes; these groups could include fonts, styles, screen color settings, footnotes, comments (annotations), headers/footers revision marks summary information as well as paragraph/character formatting properties.

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