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Rich Text Format (RTF) is a text-editing format that allows users to create and edit documents on one operating system and then transfer them to another. RTF files can only contain text; no graphics, video, or audio are supported. The file can be saved as an RTF file rather than the usual one, and the text can be created in any other word processing program. As a result, text may be easily transferred across systems. If you're looking for IBM's RFT-DCA instead of enriched text, you've got the wrong file type. In 1987, RTF 1.1 was the first edition of RTF published. It was introduced in March 2008 as RTF 1.9.1. These files have been upgraded with practically every new Microsoft Office Word edition, and new control words have been introduced regularly. The use of OMML, XLS, XML, plus SmartTags features, are present in the current version. Fonts, 16-bit Unicode characters, and images can all be binary-embedded into a file by the user. Reading in plain-text mode makes the markup language easily readable without being a hindrance to comprehension. The list of applications that could read RTF files is not complete: AbiWord, Keyword, Microsoft Word, TextEdit, WordPad.

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