PPTX Converter

Convert to PPTX Online Tool.


PPTX files are saved through Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint system. PPTX files are also available in OpenOffice and Apple Keynote. Users store different images, text, audio, video, graphs, and charts on the files. Some of the file’s key features are that they are open XML compatible and can be saved to Zip files. Microsoft recently introduced technology that allows users to place screenshots and other unique images into the PowerPoint presentations. Users can also edit and remove images at their convenience. While the user friendly tools are well received, there are complaints about the efficiency of the new system. PPTX files use the ECMA standard system for Office Open software. They are compatible with XML files. Users point out that PPTX files are an upgrade over previous files because they are user friendly and the data recovery process is easy. The entertainment industry uses PPTX files to store animations and enhanced presentations. It should be noted that the files contain binary data.