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The Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template (POTM) is a program made to create slide show presentations. To help with its function, the program contains macros, side templates, images, and formatting. Most PowerPoint users may not come across or need to use a POTM because the file saves templates with functionalities or features that a typical user may not need. The file extension supports macros for the automation of repetitive tasks. You’d need to save your presentation files as POTM to support macros. Otherwise, saving them in any other format such as.POTX or.PPTX would be sufficient for standard presentations. How You Open a POTM File? You’ll need Microsoft PowerPoint (2007 or later) to open a POTM file. While you can still use other programs to open the extension, you risk losing some functionalities such as formatting and macros. Other programs you can use to open a POTM file include:Kingsoft Presentation, Apache OpenOffice Impress, Apple Keynote (Mac), Google Drive and Google Slides where you can edit them, Conversion of a POTM File The Microsoft PowerPoint, Windows, and Mac versions allow the conversion of the POTM files to various formats, including .PPTX, .PPT, .PDF, .ODP and . XPS.