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    What Is an Excel Document File? Excel is a spreadsheet program used for creating tables and charts as well as performing complex calculations. Additionally, it can also be used to create and save documents and reports - it forms part of Microsoft Office Suite of programs along with Word that can also help create letters as well as documents and reports. Microsoft Excel files are usually saved in either XLS or XLSX formats, with the latter using compression technology to reduce storage space requirements and help facilitate easier transfer over the internet or email. This feature can especially come in handy when working with large files that will need to be transferred over multiple locations at the same time. Compression does not impair XLSX files' ability to be opened by older versions of Excel; to open these files, however, users will require an Excel version which supports XLSX. As well as its compact file size advantage, the XLSX format also boasts several other advantages. Macro and VBA scripts that are not permitted within an XLS file are supported here as well as worksheets with different rasterization options that make viewing large sheets of data easier. If you are having trouble opening a Microsoft Excel file, this could be caused by corrupt or damaged data. Try using a file repair tool or changing its extension; alternatively you could try restoring previous versions from File History/restore points on your computer.

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