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    A DOC file is a word processing document created in Microsoft Word. As part of Microsoft's Office Suite, Word allows users to easily create documentation for software or hardware products as well as manuals, specifications, proposals, resumes and other types of documents using this format. DOC documents come in binary file format which allows for text formatting as well as images, graphs and tables which contain relevant data for the document being written. DOC files have been around for more than three decades and initially created as a proprietary document format for Microsoft Word; other programs like Corel WordPerfect could open them. Over time, though, Microsoft released updates to make the DOC format more compatible with other programs; in 2008 they also introduced their more open DOCX specification that works without needing Word installed to operate correctly. Today, Microsoft Word uses DOC files as its default format and these documents can be opened with other programs that support it, including LibreOffice Writer and WPS Office Writer which offer free alternatives. They're also compatible with various PDF viewers so they can be printed onto high-quality paper by most printers. Use of DOC files is ideal for collaborative efforts since most people will be able to open them. However, when sending documents out to multiple audiences that won't be able to edit them directly, other formats may prove more valuable; PDF is often preferable over DOC as they offer a WYSIWYG printing experience: what you see on screen will appear as is when printed out.

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