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A DOC (document) file has been one of the most popular file formats in PC word processing. It is most commonly associated with Microsoft Word. It began as a plain text format, but now it has support for hyperlinks, images, and complex formatting. Microsoft picked the DOC file extension in the 1990s, but it still remains compatible with Microsoft Word. Today, DOC files are used primarily for plain text, with DOCX being the most commonly used word processing format in recent years. Most DOC files work with all versions of Microsoft Word, but the binary coding limits the format's compatibility with certain non-Microsoft programs. DOC files can contain text, tables, graphs, pictures, videos, and audio files. However, DOC files have limited compatibility with other programs when the files are formatted incorrectly. Some programs that can open DOC files include Microsoft Word (current and 97-2010), WordPerfect, Apple Pages, AbiWord, KWord, IBM Lotus Symphony, and StarOffice.

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