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    A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is a plain-text format used to exchange data between software programs that don't communicate directly. Common uses for CSV files include transmitting contact info, inventory or order fulfillment details and SKUs from an online store. CSV files are an easy and quick way for web developers to create plain-text data files, making them convenient to import into database applications or spreadsheet tools such as Excel or Google Sheets for organization of large amounts of client or company data regardless of platform or software used. This makes organizing data across platforms simpler. CSV files feature an easy-to-use, standardized layout across various software applications. A comma separates data fields while each row of data requires its own line, unlike some formats which use delimiters like semicolons or spaces; CSV files can easily be converted to other formats - like HTML for upload to websites - using their comma-based format. Text editors like Notepad or TextEdit allow you to quickly open CSV files. While these editors won't format or structure the CSV for you automatically, viewing one quickly allows you to see its contents quickly and efficiently.


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