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David Bryant, the man of WavPack, is the man behind the wv file extension, which is connected with the open-source, free, and lossless audio compression technology. 32, 24, 16, and 8-bit float sound files can all be compressed and restored using WavPack (wv files). WAV is a type of audio file. Surround sound feeds and high sample rates are also supported by this device. Similar to other lossless zipped algorithms, the data reduction ranges from 30 to 70 percent for normal popular music, but is better than that for more dynamic sources like classical music and other high-quality audio recordings. Compression that is both lossless and non-destructive is possible using WavPack's hybrid mode. As an alternative to creating a single lossy file, this mode generates both a "correction" file (wvc) and a "correction" file (wvc) that can be used together to restore the original file to its original quality. Users may never have to pick between lossless and lost compression again.