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    WV is the file extension that denotes WavPack Audio (WV). This lossless format and compression scheme is one of the most widely-used in existence today, capable of compressing digital audio data by up to 77% without losing a bit, making it perfect for archiveal use and supporting multiple channels up to 192 kHz sampling frequencies. WavPack differs from other lossless compression schemes by not employing dictionary encoding as its method for audio data compression; rather it uses an easy predictive mechanism called an extrapolator which predicts future samples arithmetically extrapolated from previous ones; weight factors then applied per sample to determine how much influence each previous sample will have over what output may be predicted by this mechanism. WV files can be played back on most media players, such as Windows, Mac and Android devices; some require installing an external WavPack codec. However, it's important to note that WV files may not play correctly if infected with malware; in such instances users should scan the files using an antivirus program in order to avoid issues in playback.

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