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    WAV files were developed by IBM and Microsoft as uncompressed audio formats that preserve original, raw digital data from analog recordings. First introduced in 1991 when computers had slower processors and limited memory resources; compression wasn't possible without incurring significant performance penalties, so WAV was an attractive solution suitable for sound effects and songs with limited duration. Over time however, MP3 became the more efficient format yet WAV remains widely used in audio editing and archiving tasks. Due to being uncompressed, WAV files can be very large in file size this is especially true of older recordings made before high-definition recording devices and music software were available. Therefore, only use WAV files if they are the only solution available for your application. Though many programs can open and play WAV files, not all may support all versions of this extension. There are also multiple programs with similar names and extensions that serve different functions, such as WVE files for Wondershare Filmora video editing software or WaveEditor project files used by CyberLink software. WAV files are Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) containers used as wrappers for various compressed and uncompressed audio coding formats. Their structure relies on chunks; starting with an upper-level form tag containing four character FourCC code to indicate container type followed by subchunks with data; these may include fact chunks to report sample encoding format information as well as optional cue point chunks which specify important sample points within a file.

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