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IMB and Microsoft created WAV files. These files are compatible with CyberLink Power Director, Windows Media Player, VideoLAN and Roxio Creator. Users generally use these files to save audio and video recordings. WAV files are compatible with multimedia playback programs. WAV files are generally larger than MP3 files, which makes them not as appealing to users. WAV files stand out because of their compression. The files are considered higher quality than MP3 or MP4 files. While WAV files have such quality, users have expressed issues with the length of time it takes to download the files and the amount of storage space the files take up. WAV files are saved using the Interchange File Format. The data is stored in small bits. WAV files store data in small bits so that users can eventually stretch the size of the file without any issues. Users have noted that uncompressed WAV files are prone to opening and closing errors when used through Windows Media Player.