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Sonic Foundry, a media software suite for Microsoft Windows, is related to the w64 file extension. The w64 file is a 32-bit PCM mono and stereo sound format that can be used to hold audio data. A compression is also an option. The multimedia package, Sonic Foundry, is associated with the w64 file extension. Sonic Foundry Wave-64 audio data is stored in a w64 file. Acquaint yourself with a suitable program for W64 files. If you're using Windows, select Open with from the context menu of a W64 file followed by selecting Choose another software. Open and check all the appropriate boxes whether you're an iPhone or Android user. Audio files labeled as W64 have been created by Sony using the Wave64 format. Because the latest W64 file format is only supported by the current version. To find out if there is a Sony website, look for availability. Sony's Wave64 Audio File (W64) upgrade is called W64. Re-download and run an antivirus scan on your W64 file to ensure it is free of viruses or corruption.