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    How to convert to VOC file?

    1. To upload a file, click within the file drop box or drag the file into this area. Please take note that you may only upload one file per operation.

    2. To begin the conversion to VOC file, click the “Convert” button. Your file will be converted and saved in VOC format.

    3. Using these controls, you can manipulate the resulting VOC file interactively in this stage.

    4. By clicking the "Download" button, the generated VOC file may be downloaded. Note: After 24 hours, the files will be removed from our servers, and the download buttons will no longer function.


    VOC files are not used by anyone any longer and are considered to be out of date. However, this was once a major audio file that people used to convert bits of audio that they needed to go from one place to another. Getting on board with this and using audio files from a system like this was critically to getting certain pieces of work done back in the day.  You could put yourself in a great position as far as seeing the full force of what was available out there by making VOC something that you at least keep in the back of your mind as something that is potentially useful to someone. It may not be the first thing you use these days, but you should still remember that it exists. 


    You must add a file first, either by dragging it into the conversion area or by clicking within this area and selecting a file. Run the file conversion procedure after this. The result to VOC conversion process will be available for download.

    The VOC converter operates quickly. Files can be converted in a matter of seconds.

    Of course! After converting to VOC, the download button for the output files will be immediately visible. After 24 hours, we erase all uploaded files, and the download buttons become nonfunctional. Your information is private. The conversion process is entirely secure.

    Yes, any operating system with a web browser can run the VOC Converter. Our no-cost app operates completely over the web and doesn't need to be installed.

    Converting to VOC

    300+ formats supported

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    Enter a file, then click “Convert.” The additional options can be used to alter a file. Download the resulting VOC file after processing.

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    All operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android, can use the converter. Our servers process each and every file. You don't need to install any plug-ins or applications.

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    After twenty-four hours, we instantly delete your uploaded and/or converted files. Your privacy is guaranteed 100%, and no one has access to your information.