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    An SPH audio file (created using NIST SPHERE format, often utilized for speech recognition research). These waveform files include recordings of human speaking which can then be fed as input to speech recognition systems. Unfortunately, these files are quite uncommon; most popular media players do not support them. SPH files contain both human-readable headers with name value pairs arranged in a 1024-byte blocked ASCII structure at the beginning of each file and binary audio data stored either big-endian or little-endian byte order and either uncompressed (u16) or compressed (s16) formats. SoX can read SPH files, while other programs such as FFmpeg can convert them to more usable formats like wAV. But for faster conversion of SPH audio to usable files such as wAV format, our online SPH converter offers the quickest route. Simply drag-and-drop your SPH file(s) onto our blue box then click convert button, once conversion complete you'll have access to all your new WAV files ready to be downloaded or wait several seconds while uploading completes before selecting your SPH file(s). If you are having difficulty opening an SPH file, it could be because it was created using an older version of SoX than is installed on your system. Downloading a more up-to-date copy may fix this problem; alternatively try searching online for an updated copy.

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