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An application called Ribbons uses the sph file extension to visualize molecular models. While not needed, it is highly recommended that sphere files have the sph suffix (short for 'sphere'). There are five mandatory fields in a sphere file, plus one additional optional field. SPH files are no longer supported and this entry was designated as obsolete. No longer in use, this file format is most likely outdated. As a general rule, this is the case for system files on older operating systems, file formats from long-discontinued software, or older versions of file types that were superseded in higher versions of their initial programs (like papers, projects, and so on). The sph file extension relates to and is utilized for the Ribbons' sphere files. SPH File Opening and Conversion: No software exists to open and deal with this file type explicitly, or there is no publicly available information on how to open this file type. Temp files, caches, and internal data files, so on are common examples. You can't convert the.sph file to some other file format. System, configuration, temporary or data files that contain data specific to a single piece of software and used just for that software's functions are common examples. DRM-protected multimedia files are an instance of a proprietary or sealed file format that can't be changed to more popular file types in order to safeguard the creator's intellectual assets.