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Tony Robinson of SoftSound developed the SHN (Shorten) audio compression scheme which enables CD quality (44.1kHz/16 bit stereo PCM) wav files to be compressed without any loss in sound quality; typically they will take up 50-70% less space on one data disc than they originally would have. Many traders can fit multiple live shows onto just one disc this way! Shns make trading live music much simpler via mail and can produce multiple, identical copies without errors - both benefits which make its use highly recommended when mailing discs to remote locations. Winamp is one of many programs capable of opening SHN files, with built-in support for this file type. If your SHN files do not open with Winamp, it might be worth updating to a later version; sometimes developers make changes that break compatibility between versions. Otherwise, search online search engines using terms like SHN viewer, SHN application, or similar queries and find programs that support both Mac OS and Windows platforms as options to open SHN files.


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