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    SD2 is an audio file format developed and used by Digidesign (now Avid Technology) for its Mac-based recording/editing programs such as Pro Tools. The SD2 file can support mono or stereo recording as well as multiple bit depths and sample rates; additionally it enables detailed information regarding specific sounds to be stored in three 'STR' resources - unlike VOC, 8SVX and WAVE where data are encoded as unsigned values rather than signed values. Under certain conditions, files with an SD2 extension could become corrupted or damaged during download. If this happens to you, contact the person who sent it to you and request another delivery attempt or try downloading with another browser. Another possibility is that the file contains a virus. To make sure it's free from contamination, scan both your computer and file using an antivirus program before following these steps to convert it so it can be read by modern audio players. ConvertFree provides an easy way to convert SD2 files, providing multiple conversion options including wav - which is supported by most audio players. Simply select your sd2 file for conversion and choose your conversion option before saving or downloading to Google Drive or Dropbox once finished.

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