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    RealNetworks pioneered the RA Audio File Format during the mid 1990s as a streaming-while-downloading audio format, using various codecs from high fidelity music codecs to low bitrate versions that worked better with older dialup modems. Radio stations widely adopted it until more modern formats emerged. RealAudio files typically bear the extension.ra, though they also can store audio in other formats such as.wav,.aiff,.mp3 and.ogg. As new technologies emerged and RealNetworks adopted more open approaches to its media players; using IETF-standard protocols like RTP and RTSP and permitting third parties to develop alternatives to their own player software. The primary obstacle that prevents users from opening RA files on their computers is due to an inability to find software capable of opening it. When this occurs, users may encounter Windows prompts such as How do you want to open this file? or similar alerts on Mac/iPhone/Android platforms. In such a situation, finding and installing programs capable of handling RA files will likely provide the solution - below are a list of RA compatible programs arranged according to three operating systems.

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