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A PRC file is a program that’s compatible with Mobipocket Reader Desktop or others and is formatted into the form of an eBook. The PRC file is used on PRV and PDB extensions and supported devices, including most devices. The data includes unprotected viewing from any Amazon Kindle devices, including the PC and Mobipocket Reader Desktop.The PRC file is very similar to the MOBI extension. Except, it doesn’t include the same coding. Instead, the PRC file contains XHTML format and utilizes both frames and JavaScript. The program is the most similar to MOBI extensions. PRC supports SRM protection using any format of tablet’s imaging and video. The structure helps optimize images and events using low bandwidth. Low bandwidth programs include Amazon Kindle, eBooks, and MobiPocket Reader Desktop programs. However, PRC files also enable support from PDB extensions and PRV extensions. This ensures the program will work via those specific files.