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    OPUS is an audio file format designed to replace MP3 as one of the world's most widely supported lossy audio storage formats. Like many audio codecs, OPUS employs data compression techniques in order to reduce file sizes without altering sound quality. Combining CELT music coding and speech-oriented SILK codec, and offering variable bitrate encoding of 6kbit/s to 510 kbit/s; variable frame sizes between 2.5ms to 60ms; five sampling rates up to 48kHz with 20kHz bandwidth well within human hearing range); mid-side channel coding are among its extensive set of features. The reference implementation, libopus, is licensed under an open source license similar to BSD. A diagnostic tool called opusinfo offers extensive technical details regarding file contents while free software package opus-tools contains command line encoder and decoder utilities also licensed as BSD-like. Foobar2000, a lightweight Windows program which supports various audio files, and AIMP are two popular audio players which support opus files.

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