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    OGG file formats are multimedia containers designed to store audio and metadata. Compressed formats include Vorbis, Opus and FLAC audio codecs as well as Theora video codec. Metadata tags may provide information such as song title, artist and track number. Some media players can play OGG files, including VLC, Miro, Xion Audio Player and Totem. Other software may also open them, including Roxio Toast as well as free or commercial programs like Adobe Audition; many portable media players and GPS devices also support OGG files. OGG is an open-source format, meaning anyone is free to use it for software and media projects without incurring license fees or restrictions on usage or copying. As it's copyright-free it allows people to freely share, remix, and modify without restrictions or license fees being necessary. Ogg format derives its name from the 1988 game Netrek, in which ogging meant kamikaze-style attacks against enemy ships or bases. Although Apple devices don't support Ogg files and some users fail to install necessary codecs and software updates for these formats, this situation has started changing with more companies offering compatible applications for Ogg players.

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