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    The OGA file extension is well known for supporting both lossy and lossless audio formats, with files compressed using either Vorbis or Opus compression formats. As it's a container format that holds other audio/video data as well as metadata fields, files with this extension can be played back by various programs and media players like Adobe Audition, VLC Player, Windows Media Player (with DirectShow support), XionAudio Player Miro Roxio Toast as well as OpenMPlayer software on Linux systems. OGG differs from MP3 in that its bitrate can vary with each audio codec used; thus resulting in files of variable sizes depending on which codecs were selected for compression. Bitrate controls how much information was lost due to compression. OGG also boasts true streaming, meaning only the part of a stream currently being listened to needs to be loaded into memory - this can help bypass memory limitations on certain devices or hardware. Furthermore, metadata storage capabilities exist both within an OGG file itself or through VorbisComment key-value pair system which supports up to 16 exabytes of information storage capacity.

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