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MMF is the name of the file extension connected with a SMAF file. Many people know about these types of files because they're associated with cell phones and ringtones. Yamaha developed SMAF tools as a sound file mainly to make unique ringtones. The file has since been adjusted to be able to hold more information. The difference between MMF and SMAF is that the MMF is the name of the file extension while the SMAF is the name of the file. Where an MMF file is much like MIDI, it can also do sound playback and graphics. Because it has better graphics, SMAF files will do well in the mobile world because they can create better images while keeping the size of the files small. The size of SMAF files are lots smaller than other file types that do the same thing. Here's a couple of programs that open MMF documents: Yamaha MidRadio Player (Windows, Mac) and Yamaha Mobile Contents Player (Windows).